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[Music Lyrics] Medikal – Boom (Produced by Halm)


Medikal – Boom Lyrics
Bɔ me….nka me bɛ kasɛ mo bɔ me din ɛma me….nanso mea mɛbɔ
MDK wate

[Verse 1]
Wo favourite rapper ghostwriter no nea
Me ba no na mepʒ ntʒm nti me gya ma dwene wo fie
Ma fum wo da a, fa kyʒ me ʒnfa nkɔyʒ gyimia
Ʒnya yʒ yaa na yʒ painty wo din ho black sʒ gyabidea
Abi customer i always write i love your service
Duga for sure say dead and bumb self go hear this
What the purpose
Every rhyming bad dey make the country nervous
I am crowning all these mudafuckers why come keep a circles
Never heard us, they never heard us
Cause they used to meet a nagga alphabetical slaughter oo
What you dey figga oo
A-Z….Mention any rapper, just mention i make them all retire tap house no pension
In my second year 30,000 pounds for a show
Kofi jam ka kyere omo, they think its a joke
Santa clause a’confirm’ie sʒ rapper wei yʒ dope
Give me vibe, oh lord, puff gang, obia yʒ ghost
2017 more running, they can never substitute a nagga let them know astay bolling
Commentaters keep talking
Afi plant seed for your girl ein inside she keeps talking
If you no dey see my hustle woho me a, twamu
If you no dey pett a nagga berma woni twʒmu
But scata said she dey be so next week me kɔ sei bekyem
Wose mo akyʒ but still old currency your value is the same
Boom Boom

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[Hook] 2x
Wohyea me wo town a, boom
Wo feel’ie me song a, boom
Woho me around a, boom
When ever acome around (boom)
When evee acome around (boom)

[Verse 2]
Me then ma squad pull up like pimpinis, we never talk to these kiddies
Rap mu Lukaku okay as adey ball them dey play me pass your momee and popii, nagga please
Boyz aconfirm’ie amount bi wo Amsterdam
Wo damu a, wo kasa bia tesʒ dea wobɔ dam
You shoddy dey enter my instagram like agive am ma login but still a menfii no, alabam
Artist of the year Ebony you spoil there w’anti baako kraa, all correct
Wei yʒ real talk, don’t compare top radio va corree
Medikal no dey rap but them still dey beg for a verse
100k for features if you really think you need us
I am making all the atheist believers
Im a God with the flow sprinkle holy water on your speakers
Yes, your favourite rapper no fi stay commercial and keep his streets at the same time ɔnyʒ professional
From the time ablew up wode statistics compare wo gap no dea berma pressure bʒfa wo
Heart attack bi mpo na ʒbʒ ma wo
Wanna generation no get any rapper
Cause them all dey flow about how dem dey shadda dapper
But MDK no play like prank CDs, i rep these streets no bi your 2 cedis go scatter my feelings
Talk of paedae and Obidi, waddle, El, ponobiom, kwaw kese
New school rappers go sleep and wake up again
New CD for the course i am changing the game
Anor no what ago talk im maintaining insanes
What ago write to maintain insanes…sane…sag
Okay aget something
Stay your lane (flex)

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[Hook] 2x
Wohyea me wo town a,(forget everybody)
Wo feel’ie me song a, (yeh)
Woho me around a, (wonim yʒ a,hitt’ie)
When ever acome around (boom)
When evee acome around (boom)

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