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Shatta Wale – Freestyle Parade lyrics


Shatta Wale – Freestyle Parade lyrics

Yuh aso de thing go unor
Wi just keeping this to the world
Shatta Wale
My version on this, is simple so simple
Make money-make money
Look how long dem’alla fight back
Who dema go try make de clock stop
When SM fly wholla dem like ah pilot
Ah mi seh nonadem coulda never stop sign
So wi change de game and put dem pon another level
Nofa dem ah move shady but dem call me de devil
Mi nuh waste time kill chicken big time rebel
Wholla dem know seh we still got de street credo
Controversial thing full pon ah date’ah
If ah nuh business see unnu later
Wisdom,Power,Money addi prayer
Inna di days of Rome man was ah slayer
Ah mi seh dis way so wi affi flip ah coin
Mi love de silence,dash way all de noise
Make all de money but never forget all de boys
Loyalty weh wi seh yuh appetite
Man ah dangerous
Wi dangerous
Dem seh wi adventurous – adventurous
If ah kill fi de cat den wi curious-curious-curious
So wi move pon dem, with another chapter
De gyal endorse seh man’ah sex doctor
Memba one thing ah link to de other
So mi seh fresh and clean like de flower rose
Nofa dem ah hype mi ah ask seh who ah those
If ah fight dem wan fi fight mi seh dem cyaan count de corpse-dem cyaan count de corpse
So mi tell’em again
Wi know bout de tracker
Sometimes i-man careful with laughter
We want de paper but dem seh dem relunctant
Mi nuh wan no bwoy show me no short gun
This addi road weh mi choose mi nuh frighten
Still ah work hard lyrics dem thightened
Shadouts to my fan dem black and light skin
Big up unnu self cah you always by me
Dem seh wi black like ah coal’ah
Man turn ah a boy star like fucken madona
No man cyan gimme no bone’ah
Cah mi head hot more than ah sun
Memba de lion cyaan pitty any millipede
Badman nuh like woman weh turn ah freakiky
Buss ah bwoy head right done inna de city-ty
Survival movement buh unnu fidgeting
To all dem mi know move straigh to corado
Send dem ah message,dead body inna cargo
Jah know bwoy where unnu ah go run go
When mi sicily dawg dem seh pronto
Bash and snitch dat addi motto
Nuh escape inna ma convo
Superscary if you dun know
Wi 2 construct ah combo
Pow pow pow pow pow pow

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