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AKA – Practice Lyrics


AKA – Practice Lyrics

I mean listen we talking about practice
Not a game, not not not the game that
I got out there and die for
And play every game like is my last not the game
We talking about practice man

[Verse 1]
Cava the flash on these cameras
I manufacture street anthems
What we talkin about? Huh?
Practice, or Lights Camera Action ?
When I get active . Passion
Never went out of a Fashion
Something Like Reebok Classics
Too many sleepless nights I sacrifice to follow top like dad
ASAP with the baggy jeans
Yeah I rap but they pay me like an Athlete
…. on my neck piece
Keep It Sexy, Flexy
By taking it slowly never impress me
That’ why i got the game
By taking it slowly never impress me
That’ why i got the game by the…
Kiernan Forbes that’s how you address me

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If I tell you that i missed practice

I mean I might miss one practice this year
But its its its its easy to to talk about it
Its easy to some. We talking about practice man

[Verse 2]
How many ways to get this paper
No breaks, No Vacations
My daughter face is motivation
Do you got what it takes to be a great one( He.e)
No Pain, No Gain
…….10% of Champagne
All me, 90% of heartbreak
I don’t play no games, This ain’t no Arcade
It was dark days

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