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[Music Lyrics] Lyquid DJ ft. AB Crazy – Promises


Lyquid DJ ft. AB Crazy – Promises Lyrics

[1st Verse]
You should keep your mouth shot or you will fall for it
? like everybody for a prophet
I tell you kids don’t ever listen to these false prophets
They ? say stop , they just promise us things
We got a little songs and we moving on
Don’t tell me that you love me when you really don’t
Star boy and other ni**a they put you ?
If you don’t believe in yourself then you really don’t
I just waiting for the same make sense
Promises this n**as make promises
I have been around and off around some offices
Yeah this ni**as just promise you

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[2nd Verse]
My dad said you could have been a doctor
Instead of hanging with dem b**ches in Lobstar
? whole body sitting counting looses
Instead of sipping champagne with the bosses
Get yourself a good girl and love her
Instead of beating up the pu**y like a drummer
You getting money now you worry about the drama
It was all about the fame or your Karma

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