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[Music Lyrics] Young Thug – Yes Indeed

Young Thug – Yes Indeed Lyrics

[Intro: Peewee Roscoe & Young Thug]
You digg?
Yeah, we got more rings than Michael Jordan
And, um, we ain’t shot no jumper
But we have shot a couple niggas, you know
You digg?
I digg
Thugger, I digg

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[Music Lyrics] Lil Durk – Durkio Krazy

Lil Durk – Durkio Krazy Lyrics

I know I ain’t worried, I ain’t stressing ’bout no money
I do s–t for n—-s and they act like they don’t love me
When I turn my head, be the same n—-s slug me
Love when Steve got it ’cause I know that boy like Curry
Shoot something

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[Music Lyrics] Bluntsmoker ft. Wiz Khalifa – Sh-ttin’ Me

Bluntsmoker ft. Wiz Khalifa – Sh-ttin’ Me Lyrics
How about you roll one and we get to know each other?
I’ve got you on one, you can come whenever
Say he don’t f–k you right, you s——g me?
He can never, what’s the price, you s——g me?
Getting out on your own, you s——g me?

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