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[Music Lyrics] Mila J – Congrats

Mila J – Congrats Lyrics

[Verse 1]
I almost never do romance
I tried it 99 times
But it never really stood one chance
I’d rather chill with you like one of the homies
I always hated holding hands

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[Music Lyrics] Mila J – This Month

Mila J – This Month Lyrics

That lucky guy is going home with her
They sign the check
While I order one more round of dark liquor
I think dark liquor is the best
OH shit! Is this nigga taking a knee

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[Music Lyrics] Trippie Redd – UKA UKA

Trippie Redd – UKA UKA Lyrics

Yeah, Big 14, know what the f–k going on

[Verse 1]
Ooh, said I made y’all
So how could I be mad that ain’t y’all
Same reason why I hate y’all
Hop up in this Rari then I race off, aye
Do the dash in this racecar

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[Music Lyrics] Young Thug – Yes Indeed

Young Thug – Yes Indeed Lyrics

[Intro: Peewee Roscoe & Young Thug]
You digg?
Yeah, we got more rings than Michael Jordan
And, um, we ain’t shot no jumper
But we have shot a couple niggas, you know
You digg?
I digg
Thugger, I digg

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[Music Lyrics] Lil Durk – Durkio Krazy

Lil Durk – Durkio Krazy Lyrics

I know I ain’t worried, I ain’t stressing ’bout no money
I do s–t for n—-s and they act like they don’t love me
When I turn my head, be the same n—-s slug me
Love when Steve got it ’cause I know that boy like Curry
Shoot something

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